Turn to Experts

Anita technical department has established in order to respond residential & commercial projects engineering services.

Actually our technical department provides consultancy, supervision and sketching of electrical & mechanical drawings.

Electrical drawings represent details of electrical fixtures, location of switches, fans, lights, sockets, and others.

It also represents the load calculation, wiring path, power cabling, L.V panels, earth network and other electrical systems

such as fire alarm, protective cameras, emergency lighting and their components.Finally the high voltage transformers

and switch-gears, H.V panels and emergency generators are the major components of electrical drawings for commercial projects.

Mechanical drawings shows information about heating, air conditioning, ventilation, piping for water supply and plumbing systems, location of ventilators and sanitary fixtures.

It also represents the calculations for cooling & heating capacities, technical specs for transportation around the building such as elevators or lifts and escalators. The last major

component of mechanical drawings is machine room including the central chillers, hot water boilers, pumps, softeners, Valves and so on.